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Goodreads, good times . . . .

Are you on Goodreads? It’s an incredible book-gasmic site – allowing for reviews, comments, ratings, purchasing, discussing and anything else you can dream of that is BOOK related. Check me out and enjoy being submersed in all things reading!




Nibble nibble

A tasty sampling of zombie delight awaits you at Smashwords.

Ravenous Decay eBook

To purchase and download your copy of Ravenous Decay, simply go to Smashwords. They cover the spectrum for eBook platforms – so I doubt your chosen platform will be left out. Enjoy!


Twitter met it’s conclusion of Chapter Nine of Ravenous Decay: Book One last night. I hope everyone is disappointed that it’s over! If my followers continue to grow, I may post the next chapter as well. So, send out the word. All of you followers have begun the zombification process. Congrats.

The continuation of my personal zombification will continue starting today. I started Book Two a few weeks back and haven’t touched it since. So, that is where my brain will be residing for the next several months – sorry family! 🙂

Twitter Exclusive

I am currently posting Chapter Nine from Ravenous Decay: Book One on my Twitter – @ZombifiedWriter. So, to get an exclusive preview of the book, check it out. When I have posted the complete chapter on Twitter, I will consider bringing the chapter here, to the blog.