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Tough Shit

You know, it’s really tough being my own agent. No one ever said that going the indie route would be easy and I certainly was under no guise that it would be a leisurely walk in the park. But, SHIT! Who knew there was THIS much work involved? Now I’m beginning to see the benefit of an agent. If they regularly do half the work that I do to get my name and Ravenous Decay out there, then they might actually be worth something!

Um, truthishly, I would rather be writing than sending press releases. I’m so brain fried that even a zombie wouldn’t want my brain. I don’t have any burning desire to be in marketing. BUT, I will stop bitching. Hey, it’s worth the work, right? RIGHT?? Yah, yah…I know it. It truly is worth the work. Okay, back to the grind…..



Twitter met it’s conclusion of Chapter Nine of Ravenous Decay: Book One last night. I hope everyone is disappointed that it’s over! If my followers continue to grow, I may post the next chapter as well. So, send out the word. All of you followers have begun the zombification process. Congrats.

The continuation of my personal zombification will continue starting today. I started Book Two a few weeks back and haven’t touched it since. So, that is where my brain will be residing for the next several months – sorry family! 🙂