Narrated by Claire

In her late twenties, Claire continues to struggle to fit into societies constraints. She is sarcastic, sometimes to the point of rudeness, doesn’t care to follow rules or to be bossed around, and talks to herself….a lot. However, she is an unbelievable horse trainer. She is gentle, yet firm and really understands the essence of horse training.

Her friendless life is turned upside down when she accepts a live-in horse training job at a compound-like ranch in Oklahoma. Though she has lived her entire life only twenty miles from this ranch, it is still a world apart from her own. The ranch is completely staffed with live-in employees, which is terrifying enough to Claire. She has purposely secluded herself from others for quite sometime, and yet she has willingly moved into a mansion with a group of complete strangers.

Claire narrates Ravenous Decay: Book One.

Quotes from Claire:
“To the right of the drive is a precious house that resembles the gingerbread house from Hansel and Gretel…with a less cannibalistic feel. It’s about the size of the average upper middle class houses that I grew up in, with a meticulously manicured small lawn and overly landscaped beds. I would guess that Mr. and Mrs. Smith and their valedictorian-perfect-priss daughter, Muffin, and their still-in-the-closet-a-little-too-clean son, Bruce, live quietly with their over-groomed Bichon Frise in this house. ”

“Finally, I’m at the last stop sign I will be facing on Route 66. I turn on my left hand blinker and check that the street sign says Choctaw Rd and not ‘Welcome to Hell’.”

” Some people are so beautiful when they’re sincere. I usually come across as constipated. ”

“Great, I’m stuck here getting leered at by a puffy faced, married, man-child. ”

“If I’m lucky there will be some infomercials advertising reusable toilet paper or purses that convert into flotation devices. ”

“Just because I have a vagina, does that make me a slave to house work? “


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