Ravenous Decay

Ravenous Decay Synopsis

Twenty Eight year old horse trainer, Claire, has packed up her life and moved herself and her only friend, a border collie named Jetta, to a compound-like ranch twenty miles outside of her hometown in Oklahoma. She has been given a live in horse training job after an intense interview with the ranch owner, Micah. While learning the quirks of living on the ranch and the eccentric behavior of the residents, Claire discovers that she finally has a place of belonging; a place secluded from outsiders and surrounded with fellow dorks and oddballs.

Six weeks into her training job an incident occurs with an injured dog from the neighboring ranch. The injured dog wildly attacks another dog in front of Claire and another resident while on a trail ride. Several of the ranch residents make the drive over to the neighbor’s to inform him of the incident; however, they make a gruesome discovery, instead. Several failed attempts to call emergency services result in the residents rushing the farm owner to the hospital. Sadly, they only make it a few miles. The man delivers an unprovoked flurry of attacks on his rescuers. He vomits seemingly gallons of blood while biting and clawing at the flesh of one of the residents. An attempt to restrain him fails, resulting in retaliated violence and eventually the man’s death. When calls to emergency services are finally answered, the group is told to go back home and wait for the investigators – investigators who never come.

This is only the genesis of the events to occur. Claire soon realizes that she is capable of anything for survival and for the protection of those she cares for; even if that means delivering indescribable acts of violence. She and Micah, the ranch owner, become the ranch’s mainline of defense, giving everything they have to protect the animals and people in their care.

  1. How can I get a copy of Ravenous Decay?

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