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A tasty sampling of zombie delight awaits you at Smashwords.


Zombie St Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone.

You know, it wouldn’t be a real holiday without some zombie action.

This card comes from Monkey Minion Press and I dig their style.

Feeling poetic? Check out this zombie St. Patrick’s Day poem by Rusty Fischer: Zombies Don’t Pinch.

Get drunk. Pinch some ass. And do whatever else it is you’re supposed to do on this pointless holiday. I’m sure most of you will be zombies by morning.


I cannot possibly express how much hard work it took to get this book in my hand. Sure, I could have smashed out some semi-coherent words, slapped it together in a manuscript, doodled something for a cover and self published. Instead, I poured out a hilarious, dramatic, suspenseful, gut-wrenching tale of a young woman’s (though she is anything but lady-like) horrific journey into a zombified world.

Editing. Oh, God, the editing. I edited, re-edited, re-re-re-re-re-re-edited until I was certain I had a story that was everything I thought it should and knew it would be.

I hosted a cover design contest to find unique artwork for the cover of this book. The result was uncovering a phenomenal young artist named Brandon Waltman who created a flippin’ rockawesome cover for my unique book.

Finally, I did a shit-load of research on the book publishing scene. A book like Ravenous Decay is surprisingly hard to pitch to publishers and agents, even though the world is so ripe for the zombie pickin’s. Agents are up to their eyeballs in manuscript submissions and take so precious few new clients. Though, I did have some interest behind Ravenous Decay on the mainstream publishing front, my research told me that my chances of success were not solely weighted upon the broad shoulders of publishers. So, I decided to take on the task myself. Indie publishing is a ton of work and takes massive amounts of dedication and follow through. I’m still learning as I go, but I truly feel that Ravenous Decay was the perfect book for the indie scene.

Thanks a million to everyone who has followed along with my journey. It is by no means complete. In fact, I would say that the indie publishing journey has just barely begun. Now that I have the first printed copy of Ravenous Decay in my hand (and now that it is available to all of you) I feel a gihugic leap to higher platforms calling my name.

To buy your copy of Ravenous Decay, click on the following links.
For eReader or downloadable copies: Smashwords
For paperback copies: Createspace
COMING SOON to Amazon and MANY more stores.

So, maybe you’ve heard about a little Oklahoma zombie book that drips with irreverent humor from a sarcastic tongue. And, then again, maybe you haven’t.

Here’s the perfect way to check it out:
Go to Smashwords and download your free sample. It’s the first 10% of the eBook. Smashwords supports pretty much every platform for eReading, even down to the basic download to your computer. So, no matter if you are tech savvy or a tech crippled, if you found your way to this blog – then you can download the sample.

Ravenous Decay eBook

To purchase and download your copy of Ravenous Decay, simply go to Smashwords. They cover the spectrum for eBook platforms – so I doubt your chosen platform will be left out. Enjoy!

eBook = novelgasmtastic

Ravenous Decay is now available for purchase as an eBook at Smashwords for only $3.99!!! A print version of the book will be available within the month!

My Kid’s Z-Mas Present

I wanted to give my kids something really unique this year for Z-Mas, on top of all of the normal run of the mill zombie XBOX 360 games. Since only the oldest child is capable of reading Ravenous Decay, my zombie novel, I opted to write them their very own zombie book. Currently, I went the self publishing route on Amazon’s Createspace, just for simplicity and speed sake. The book is now being checked for print and will (fingers crossed) be shipped in time for the big day.

When the book is ready to ship, I will load the link for all of you Zed-Heads out there to purchase the book on Amazon. In the meantime, here is the cover that I designed:

Z-Mas Children’s Gift

In my post yesterday, I explained that everyone in my family is really into zombies. So, I would never want to exclude them from a Z-centric Z-mas. I found the perfect gift for my 7 yr old daughter, who loves art…



This coloring book put the FUN in FUNCTIONAL. Okay, that was queer of me to say, but it’s true. Kids will learn life saving z-pocalypse skills while coloring and doing other activities.

It’s Z-Mas Time!

In our house, we will not be celebrating X-Mas, rather, we will celebrate Z-Mas. Yes, even my seven year old daughter plays Left for Dead. What do I want for Z-Mas? Well, I will start of my wish list with this awesome Z-Shirt:

Where Beauty EATS Braaaains

I stumbled across this amazingly grotesque, whimsical and creative calendar today. Like many women, I love pin up girls Рbecause, well, I suppose I dig the style, the playfulness and the shapeliness of the models, opposed to the now emaciated models. This is one sexy photo shoot I would love to participate in. So, to all you fanboys and girls out there, check it out: